Cambodia's Mysterious Mangroves Yield 700 New Species, Astonishing Scientists

Luca O'Connor June 5, 2024
Critically endangered Sunda pangolins were found in Cambodia’s mangrove forests. Fauna & Flora / Jeremy Holden / WA

Cambodia's Mangrove Marvel: Unraveling Nature's Hidden Treasures

Tucked away within the intricate mangroves of Cambodia are secrets yearning to be uncovered. In a groundbreaking biodiversity assessment, researchers delved deep into these mysterious ecosystems, unveiling a stunning array of life. Among the discoveries were elusive fishing cats and endangered hairy-nosed otters, contributing to an astonishing total of over 700 newly identified species. This survey left scientists in awe of the rich biodiversity flourishing within these vital habitats.

In a groundbreaking biodiversity assessment within the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary and Koh Kapik Ramsar Reserve, researchers embarked on a journey into the heart of Cambodia's mangroves. Led by Stefanie Rog and funded by Fauna & Flora International, the expedition delved deep into these vital ecosystems, unveiling a staggering array of life forms. A remarkable 700 species were documented, yet Rog believes this is merely the tip of the iceberg. Employing a diverse array of techniques including video traps, nets, and transect surveys, the team gained invaluable insights into the intricate web of life flourishing within these critical areas.

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