Calif. Democrats Pay Big Time for #MeToo Cases Involving Gay Party Boss

Calif. Democrats Pay Big Time for #MeToo Cases Involving Gay Party Boss

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California Democrats will cough up nearly $3 million to pay for the sexual predation of their former chieftain, Eric Bauman, an out-of-control homosexual who couldn’t keep his hands to himself, forced himself upon male subordinates, and repeatedly harassed and otherwise mistreated women underlings.

The #MeToo takedown, according to news reports, came after several of Bauman’s abused underlings filed lawsuits against the party.

The most recent settlement added to the nearly $400,000 the party paid out to three aggrieved party employees in October.

They alleged that party bigwigs knew about Bauman’s Harvey-Weinstein-like behavior but did nothing to stop it.

The Latest

The latest settlements total $2.9 million, the Daily Caller reported, citing the Wall Street Journal. The money settled claims from five of Bauman’s victims.

The biggest check, $1.75 million, goes to Bauman’s gofer, William Floyd. He claimed that Bauman forcibly performed oral sex on him.

When Floyd filed against the party in April, the Los Angeles Times reported that “Bauman performed oral sex on him without his consent on at least three occasions,” and “became fearful of Bauman after the party leader allegedly told him, ‘If you cross me, I will break you.”

According to Floyd’s lawsuit, the Times reported, “Bauman had a reputation for excessive drinking, making crude sexual comments to LACDP and CDP employees and volunteers, and engaging in unwanted sexual touching and/or physical intimidation.”

In a June 2016 incident in Long Beach, Floyd alleges, he was in Bauman’s hotel room with other members of the L.A. County party and fell asleep after having too much to drink. When he woke up, the complaint alleges, he found Bauman performing oral sex on him and quickly pulled up his pants and fled the room. The lawsuit alleges that in later conversations, Bauman implied that he had penetrated Floyd during the incident.

On two other occasions alleged in the suit, Floyd said: “felt he had no choice” to comply with Bauman’s demands and allow him to perform oral sex.

Floyd’s lawsuit also alleged that top Democrats knew of Bauman’s abuse and did nothing. He told a top Democrat about it, but the party “‘looked the other way, and failed to confront Bauman’ because of his success helping Democratic candidates across the state, the lawsuit alleges,” the Times reported.

No wonder the party settled.

The party will also pay $1 million to three employees who alleged sexual assault and harassment and racial discrimination, Daily Caller reported. That payout included money for a fellow whom Bauman harassed every day and called “baby.”

Yet another sex case settled for $150,000.

Such were Bauman’s bold sex overtures that he even harassed the chairman of the San Diego party. That indulgence cost the party $150,000 and was part of a $378,348 settlement with three plaintiffs, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

One of those cases involved a woman whom Bauman embarrassed in front of colleagues by asking, during a meeting, whether she and another woman were in an affair, the Times reported in November 2018.

Bauman told the two that he didn’t care whether the women were having sex as long as their relationship did not affect their work.

Obsessed With Sex

That report from last year included details from eight party employees who said:

“Bauman would regularly make sexually explicit comments in the workplace to men and women, including remarks about sexual acts, his and other staffers’ genitalia, and being sexually attracted to staff members.”

A particularly egregious example for a ballyhooed LGBT champion, the Times reported, were Bauman’s comments to a “masculine-presenting” woman:

Bauman, using explicit language, told her that she must have been a gay man in her past life because he wanted to sleep with her. She said he made another remark about men he liked to have sex with. Another party staffer told The Times that the woman discussed the incident with her soon after the event.

Leftist Men

The details on Bauman’s abuse comport with much of what news reports have exposed in detailing #MeToo allegations in general.

A significant number of the guilty are left-wing, pro-abortion men, many of them celebrities such as Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and Harvey Weinstein, who consider themselves “feminists” and pro-homosexual.

The most famous liberal #MeToo culprit, of course, is Bill Clinton.

In November, Ronan Farrow, the journalist who brought down Harvey Weinstein and other celebrity sex abusers, told HBO talker Bill Maher that it’s time to reexamine the claims of Jaunita Broaddrick, who alleges that Clinton raped her.

R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

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