BLM Mobs Destroyed Likeness of Top Cop’s Journalist Wife in Minnesota Protest

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BLM Mobs Destroyed Likeness of Top Cop’s Journalist Wife in Minnesota Protest

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It wasn’t enough to threaten to burn down a nearly all-white town and call a police lieutenant who lived there a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

The “protesters” from Blacks Lives Matter who showed up in Hugo, Minnesota, on Saturday had to destroy a likeness of the top cop’s wife, a journalist.

The BLM mob’s primary target was Hugo resident Lieutenant Bob Kroll, president of the Minneapolis police union. The mob blames him for the death of George Floyd on May 25.

But the secondary target was Liz Collin, his wife and a reporter for WCCO. She is a collaborator, we are to believe, who merits similar treatment.

She’s To Blame, Too

Bring Me (MN) The News reported the voodoo-like attack on Collin’s effigy on Monday.

“The video from Saturday’s protest came to wider attention of the Twin Cities media when it was shared by former Minnesota GOP Deputy Chair Michael Brodkorb on Monday, showing piñatas of both Collin and Kroll being destroyed outside their Hugo home,” the website reported.

Kroll, whom BLM blames for “systemic racism” in the Minneapolis Police Department, is head of the Police Officer’s Federation and named in the Floyd family’s lawsuit against the city.

“But Collin has also been the subject of protest outside WCCO’s office in downtown Minneapolis, with activists criticizing the station for both her marriage to Kroll and her involvement in stories concerning the police, claiming it’s a conflict of interests,” the website reported:

The writing on the back of the piñata was of a quote Collin herself gave in 2019, in which she noted she had not been involved in stories involving Minneapolis police or the union for the previous two years.

“Is it a conflict of interest for me to be a journalist married to the Minneapolis police union boss?” she said. ‘My answer: No.’” …

“Protest. Complain. Advocate. Speak out. Picket my station again! But making a piñata out of a journalist and beating it is disgusting, offensive and sad. This is where we are? That all of these intelligent people thought this was ok?” [WCCO anchor Jason DeRusha] said.

Numerous other Twin Cities media personalities have condemned the targeting of Collin, with FOX 9’s Karen Scullin tweeting: “There is a limit. There is a line. This is not okay.”

A Democrat state senator also condemned the implicit threat to Collin’s life. “No member of the media should be physically threatened or intimidated,” Karla Bingham tweeted. “Period. End of story. Doesn’t matter the reason. Not appropriate.”

Nemika Levy Armstrong, leader of an outfit called The Racial Justice Network, doesn’t agree.

Responding to Brodkorb’s appeal to the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists to denounce the not-so-subtle threat, Armstrong tweeted this helpful remark:

What I find interesting and sickening is that you are not calling upon @mnspj to denounce the violence, abuse, murder, and condoning of the behavior of killer cops by @lizcollin’s husband Bob KKKroll, head of the Minneapolis Police Federation. His behavior is actually dangerous.

D.A. Bullock, a “filmmaker” you’ve never heard of, tweeted this excuse for trying to terrorize the reporter:

I’m arguing Collin is a part and tacit public supporter of the politics of Kroll by choice, she doesn’t receive special dispensation from a particular public disdain because she is a journalist. She certainly doesn’t earn some requirement of the public to ignore who she married.

Delegate Candidate Led Protest

As The New American reported on Monday, an apparently deranged candidate for Minnesota’s House of Representatives led the protest wearing a “Bob KKKroll” T-shirt and shouting F-bombs and other curses.

“I didn’t come here to be peaceful,” shouted Democrat hopeful John Thompson.

“Why the f*** is we so peaceful.” he continued. “F*** your motherf***ing peace, white racist motherf***ers!”

“You think we give a f*** about burning Hugo down?” he ranted. “Blue lives don’t mean s*** to black people. F*** Hugo, Minnesota!”

And Thompson flatly stated that Kroll was a leader in the KKK, an obvious falsehood other BLM “activists” such as Armstrong repeat without regard to the truth.

“I’m a black man being terrorized by this f***ing Klansman right here. We are terrorized by the Grand Wizard,” Thompson shouted. “You all got the Grand Wizard living in your god***n neighborhood.”

Thompson, strongly endorsed by Democrat Governor Tilm Walz, has since apologized for the unhinged rant.

Image: screenshot from YouTube video

R. Cort Kirkwood is a long-time contributor to The New American and a former newspaper editor.

Courtesy of The New American