Bizarre Laws in All 50 States

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The United States has some pretty crazy laws on the books. In today’s podcast, we list one for each of the 50 states. They come in handy if you need interesting facts to impress people at parties.

Bizarre State Laws

Over America’s 200-plus years of history, there have been some pretty silly laws put on the books. Here are some of the silliest ones:


It’s illegal to prank order a pizza for someone else. It could cost you $500 or six months in jail.


There’s a statute on greased pig contests and turkey scrambles. It says there shall be “no games in which a pig, greased, oiled or otherwise, is released and wherein the object is the capture of the pig, or in which a chicken or turkey is released or thrown into the air and wherein the object is the capture of the chicken or turkey.”

New York

New York recently created a specific law to ban selfies with big cats. A big cat is, “any live species of lion, tiger, leopard (with the exception of clouded leopards), jaguar, mountain lion, sometimes called cougar or any hybrid of such species.”

Apparently enough people are taking selfies with big cats for their Tinder profiles that a Tumblr account has started documenting it.


As of 1984, in Washington, they have actually made it illegal–a felony, in fact–to kill Bigfoot. The law makes it clear that Bigfoot is interchangeable with Yeti, Sasquatch, and giant hairy ape.

50 Weird State Laws -- America Daily
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Press play to listen to them all. Did we miss any bizarre laws from your state? Please comment below.