Biden Has Deep Ties to University Board Members Keeping His Records Secret

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Biden Has Deep Ties to University Board Members Keeping His Records Secret

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Various high-ranking officials at the University of Delaware, which refuses to release the Senate records of Joe Biden that could potentially corroborate the sexual-assault allegations of former staffer Tara Reade, have close personal and financial ties to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

According to records reviewed by Fox News, the chairman of the university’s board even bought Biden’s home in 1996 for $1.2 million, which was reportedly “top dollar” in light of the house’s condition.

The documents raise conflict of interest questions as the former vice president faces growing pressure surrounding the accusations of Reade, who has said Biden forcefully penetrated her with his fingers in a Capitol Hill office building in 1993. She also maintains that he would inappropriately touch and caress her.

It’s believed that the Senate files could shed light on the matter. Biden dropped off 1,875 boxes containing “photographs, documents, videotapes, and files,” along with 415 gigabytes’ worth of electronic records, at the University of Delaware in 2012.

At first, the school said it planned to make the records “available to the public two years after Biden’s last day in elected public office.”

But the university changed its mind, and is now expected to hold onto them until two years after Biden “retires from public life.”

A number of outlets, including the Washington Post, believe these documents “could contain confirmation of any complaint Ms. Reade made, either through official congressional channels or to the three other employees she claims she informed not specifically of the alleged assault but more generally of harassment.”

Who’s making the decisions that keep Americans in the dark about Joe Biden’s past?

Per the University of Delaware’s charter, the Board of Trustees holds “entire control and management of the affairs of the university.” In fact, the charter makes clear that no university bylaws “shall diminish or reduce the Board’s plenary authority over all matters related to the control and management of the affairs of the University.”

Who are the members of the Board of Trustees, and what are their connections to Biden?

John Cochran, the current chairman, is a long-time Biden donor and former CEO of Maryland Bank, N.A. (MBNA, based in Delaware and acquired by Bank of America in 2006).

A January 2008 article by Byron York titled The Senator from MBNA explains how Cochran paid “top dollar” for Biden’s home in February 1996 — just prior to his reelection bid. York relates that “MBNA gave Cochran a lot of money — $330,000 — to help with ‘expenses’ related to the move.”

The $1.2 million sale was “pretty darned good deal for Biden,” who got his full asking price for the house despite the fact that it “needed quite a bit of work,” with contractors being called in to do repairs for months after the purchase.

Meanwhile, nearby houses at the time were selling below their appraised value.

Noted York:

It is customary for appraisers to evaluate homes in relation to similar properties in the area, or ‘comparables.’ In the case of Biden’s house, the appraiser compared the home to another large old house about a quarter of a mile away. That house — which was in similar condition — was judged to be worth $1,013,000. It sold in August 1995 for $800,000.”

Additionally, top MBNA executives made a “concerted” effort to donate to Biden’s campaign. And not long after the house sale, MBNA hired Hunter Biden right out of Yale Law School into a lucrative management prep track.

A source who previously worked at MBNA told Fox News that employees overheard Hunter Biden bragging that his salary was unusually high for his position — a practice that was reportedly common in the company to groom executive candidates from well-connected families.

All the while, Joe Biden on the Senate floor pushed bills that benefited banks such as MBNA, including legislation to make it harder for consumers to file for bankruptcy protection.

Hunter Biden has also been under scrutiny for his role in the Burisma scandal.

While serving as vice president, Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine if they did not fire the prosecutor who was investigating the natural gas company Burisma, where Hunter was working as a board member earning over $50,000 a month — despite his lack of relevant experience.

Fox News notes the following of other University of Delaware board members:

Terri Kelly, the former president and CEO Of W.L. Gore & Associates, has served on the university’s board of trustees since 2014 — and donated the maximum legal amount to Biden in 2019.

Carol Ammon, who has been on the board since 2013, has given more than $10,000 to Biden’s campaign and affiliated PACs, federal election records show.

John Paradee, a lawyer, joined the board in 2018. He has also donated heavily to Biden.

John Carney, the state’s governor and another board member, has also donated more than $1,000 to Biden.

Claire DeMatteis served as counsel to Biden. Since 2001, she has given over $16,000 to Democratic PACs, including Biden’s, called Unite our States.

Chai Gadde, a CEO, has donated thousands to Biden.

William Lafferty, a partner at a Delaware law firm who serves on the board as well, has also given more than $2,500 to Biden’s campaign.

Between the University of Delaware, MBNA, Burisma, and China, it appears Joe Biden’s history of pay-to-play is one that gives Hillary Clinton a run for her money.


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