Biden Can’t be Trusted

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Biden Can’t be Trusted

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It now appears that Joe Biden will win the Democratic Party’s nomination to face Donald Trump in November. His only hurdle is Bernie Sanders, the “Extreme Leftist.” Biden is characterized as less radical so perhaps he should be referred to as a mere “Hard Leftist,” a bit less extreme. But the mass media has already attached the label “Moderate“ to the former vice president.

So what about Biden? And why can’t he be trusted? The answer is easily found. Consider his position on abortion, which is totally contrary to the faith he professes.

He claims to be a Catholic, but he is a 100-percent supporter of abortion. That’s like saying up is down, or day is night. Catholics who hold the Biden view can’t be trusted — pure and simple. And Joe has never renounced his claim to be a Catholic.

The former Delaware senator wasn’t always a rabid pro-abortion supporter. Back in 1973 when he first took a seat in the U.S. Senate, he stated that the Supreme Court went too far in its Roe v. Wade decision. According to, he told an interviewer in 1974 that a woman should not have the “sole right to say what should happen to her body.” That’s a recognition that there is another life in her body, one needing only nourishment and several more months to be able to exist outside the womb. But, as the years flew by, he drifted away from any semblance of opposition to abortion. By 2017, when he left office after serving for eight years as vice president alongside perhaps the most determined pro-abortion partisan ever to serve as president, he had changed completely.

The National Right To Life Committee rated Joe at “close to zero” regarding votes about abortion over the years. Kate Michaelman, a former leader of the rabidly pro-abortion group NARAL, harbors no fear that Biden will revert to his earlier, even cautious, pro-life stance. Among his votes as a senator can be found his opposition to the Mexico City Policy, which sought to prevent U.S. taxpayer funding for pro-abortion advocated by overseas groups. He also voted more than once to have taxpayer funds pay for abortions of military personnel.

Biden has been told by several Catholic priests that they will not give him Holy Communion. Does that bother Joe?  We can hope so. But there’s no evidence to suggest it does. Sadly, there are some priests who will overlook Joe’s support for taking the life of an infant in the womb and will cooperate in Joe’s dishonesty.

If Joe can be so cavalier about abortion and remain enrolled in the Catholic Church, the Church itself needs a housecleaning. But, beyond that consideration, there remains the man himself. If a person claiming to be a Catholic persists in supporting the grisly practice whereby innocent babes in the womb are killed, what can be expected of him should he become president? He’ll swear an oath to defend the Constitution that contains no loophole allowing for the termination of innocent life. If asked, he’ll support the Declaration of Independence where life is recognized as coming from our “Creator,” not terminated by claims that everyone has such choice. But what value should anyone place on his adherence to such pronouncements from this man? Or any of his pronouncements?

Joe Biden has demonstrated very clearly that he’s not to be trusted. If he’ll ignore a central tenet of the faith he claims to possess, he’ll squirm similarly to back what’s popular or what his masters demand. No partisan for abortion should hold the office he aspires to win. Claiming to be a Catholic while supporting abortion is a monumental departure from truth. He sure must know that. Therefore, he can’t be trusted. Are you listening Joseph Biden? Do you hear what we say, Nancy Pelosi?


John F. McManus is president emeritus of The John Birch Society.

Courtesy of The New American