Basecamp for Men E37: Season One Finale

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E37: Season One Finale-Best of 2019


Well my dear listeners, we’ve come to the end of season one. I hope you enjoyed the show and picked up some new resources and perspectives for the next chapters of your life‘s journey.

Season two will pick up in March or April. We will be continuing with some great guests and seeking to balance the tried and true resources for men that we know and love with all the new tools that we try out and find valuable. My commitment is to continue to find our edge together and to share as authentically as possible, where you and I get stuck and how to proceed powerfully and to live as courageously as possible.

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I would like to thank my team! Sound editors extraordinaire Chris Rodd and Tahu Parkinson. Thank you, men, for making the show sound so professional. And I would like to thank my producer Tabitha Smiles for all of her hard work and for putting up with my periodic freak-outs as we worked to make the show all it could be. Thanks, Tabitha.

Now for the best of Season One. I’ll first give you the most listened to episodes and then share the listener’s favorites. The three most listened to episodes were:

At number three was Ep #14 The Porn Trap with Wendy Maltz.

Coming in at number two was EP #13 The Hero Within with Carol Pearson

and the #1 most listened to the episode, drum roll please, was E10 Inside the Men’s Circle which was the first one we did with the Warrior Dogs.  All right Warrior Dogs!

Now for the listener’s choice of Best of Season One. We got votes for E7 How to Raise a Boy with Michael Reichert and E11 Building Boys with Nicky Wilks, both excellent episodes if you haven’t heard them. The two episodes I did with Ben Seaman, #4 The Secret Lives of Men and E23 Men and Depression also received plenty of love. Go listen to those if you haven’t. But the two top shows according to you were E29 Into the Mystic with Paul Dunion and E14 The Porn Trap with Wendy Maltz. You have excellent taste as those are two really great episodes, in my opinion. But I can only run one and I choose E14 The Porn Trap. Only because we just aired E29 a few short weeks ago and E14 feels like a looooong time ago!

So, here is your favorite episode of Season One. Enjoy and we’ll see you back here in the spring for season two of Basecamp for Men! Thank you, listeners, and have a great start to 2020!