Basecamp for Men E34: The Gifts of Solitude

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E34: The Gifts of Solitude

Hello listeners, I hope you are all having a great festive Holiday season. Before we get to our interview, I wanted to give you some updates on Basecamp. We are finishing up Season 1 in the coming weeks. I anticipate doing the final season One episodes in January.

After that, we will take a short hiatus (likely two months) to recharge and re-set things before season two. I will continue to make announcements throughout but to start with, I would like to keep you in the loop by going to the website and going to the newsletter sign-up sheet and putting your name and email in there. That way when I send out an announcement, you will be in the loop.

We will also be running the best of Season One.

What that looks like is I would like you to vote on your favorite show of season one. When you go to sign up for the newsletter, in the comments section you can vote for your favorite or your two or three favorites of season one. I will compile those votes over the Holidays and run a Best of Season One sometime in January.

It has been a terrific Season One for Basecamp for Men and I would like to thank you, listeners, for making this so. I am looking forward to season two and the important conversations we’ll be having then.

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