Basecamp for Men E29: Into the Mystic

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Basecamp for Men E29: Into the Mystic

I have long been attracted to teachers who aren’t afraid to explore psychological truths. Whether the teacher is considered a spiritual master, a mystic, a therapist,  or someone who can speak from the Soul, my heart has gravitated towards learning that feels deep and timeless.

And anything that runs counter to the shallow, banal, and distracting nature of our culture is like food for the soul. I want to feel that we are all on an adventure together, a collective Hero’s Journey that we all play an important part in.

In all of the wisdom traditions, there has been the talk of an awakening in the human Spirit.

A quickening in our learning. Consciousness seems to be entering a new phase and let’s be thankful for that. As a tribe, we are ripe for new information, new models for problem-solving, and new methods for transcending our habit of creating a sense of separation in the world.

My guest today is a gifted writer and teacher and someone I am excited to introduce to you.

Paul Dunion is the co-founder of Connecticut’s Men’s’ Gathering, a biannual Retreat for men that began in 1992. He is the founder of Boys To Men, a mentoring community for teenage boys. He’s been in private practice as a Psychotherapist for 37 years and is presently a faculty member for Mobius Executive Training.  His blogs can be accessed at the Huffington Post as well as

His next book: Wisdom – Apprenticing To The Unknown & Befriending Fate is due to be released in the summer of 2020.