Basecamp for Men E27: Healing Trauma

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E27: Healing Trauma with Special Guest

Samantha Ibarguen


Today‘s episode is on healing trauma. As humans working on ourselves and the world, healing and learning go hand-in-hand. There is a strong tendency to think that we have not been traumatized. We tend to think that others have experienced trauma but we have not. Yet we ALL experience inner wounds. Many of which originated in childhood. It is here that the healing work is done.

I have long thought that the war veteran has experienced trauma but the child that was ignored or mocked or shamed for who he or she did not. I can now see that the assumption was incorrect. All of us have wounds. Even those of us who grew up inside healthy families with good adults can know our fair share of trauma.

My guest today is an expert at working with trauma.

Sam Ibarguen is an energy healer certified in Brennan Healing Science. Since 2009, she has been working with men and women globally, helping them heal the deep and often invisible trauma that holds them back from living the life they really want. She helps her clients transform from feeling stuck and purposeless to free and passionate. She’s based out of the Bay Area and sees clients both in-person and long-distance.

Here is my interview with Sam Ibarguen.

Thank you, listeners!