Basecamp for Men E25: Championing Our Youth

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Basecamp for Men E25: Championing Our Youth

How do we help our youth thrive in today’s world? I won’t pretend that I know or have the answers. But I‘m more than willing to sit with the question.  And I love to get the perspectives of others as we seek resources and new approaches to growing our young people up. It does truly take a village and, thankfully, our village has collective wisdom.

I have long thought that getting a better communication platform for our youth is important. Getting young people accustomed to group dynamics seems to me like a ramp to better emotional intelligence and inner awareness. This could have a hugely positive impact on our youth.

Kids are often told what to do and how to do it. What seems to be missing is a place where they can honestly express their inner lives-their hopes and fears, their challenges and struggles, the sense of isolation that so many young people feel and to do so in a way that is not judging or shaming the person.

I‘m excited to talk to my guest today as she is out on the edge, creating this sort of platform.

Melissa Lowenstein is a writer and editor, parent educator, and group facilitator. Since 2011, she has worked for AHA!, a nonprofit organization that brings social-emotional learning, creativity, and character-building to in-school and after-school programs that serve 2500 youth and educators per year. Melissa has contributed to, ghostwritten, and co-authored over 25 books on topics including health, parenting, education, and spirituality.

Come join us for this vital discussion about parenting our youth and how we can best set them up for success.

Thank you, listeners!