Basecamp for Men E24: Awakening the Inner King

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E24: Firestarters for Men- Awakening the Inner King

Lately, I have been sitting with the question: what can MEN do to help the world today? What do we need to do to insure that future generations thrive? How do we leave the world better than we found it? As a teacher who works with male archetypes, I have been dimly aware that there is one of the archetypes that today seems strangely dormant in the collective male psyche…….THE KING.

With all of the tools at our disposal, perhaps the most powerful of all for men is a collective awakening of the archetypal King. This is NOT to ensure that the modern-day patriarchy is preserved, quite the opposite. The Feminine is emerging right now and this is what seems to be so desperately needed. As men, what we can do is help create the space for that emergence? An awakening of the collective King would bring new vitality and vision to the kingdom.

For men, no other archetypal energy can shape our future and enlarge the context like the King. Join me for my short format Firestarters for Men as we look at the archetypal King and what a collective awakening could mean for us.

Thank you, listeners!