Basecamp for Men E22: Introduction to The Yugas

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E22: Introduction to the Yugas

One of the things that I love and want to continue to bring to the show is different perspectives. Whether it’s masculinity, gender dynamics, myth, or spirituality, I think the more we can expand what we understand, ultimately the better off we will be. Often this will entail putting our firmly held beliefs of what is real and how the world works aside. Our conditioning acts as a safe harbor but it keeps us there. As an evolving species, we need creative thinking and better pattern recognition to help us with the challenges we are currently facing.

I remember the first time I read The Yugas, the book written by my guest today. It had the impact of giving me a much different perspective, a long vision of history and our place in it that filled me with wonder and hope. Even though I am an American and live far from India, I have marveled at the quality of teachers and wisdom that have poured forth from this amazing country. My hope is that as we look at some of the more esoteric topics and themes, you my dear listeners will be inspired to go have a look for yourself. Not to necessarily completely change your beliefs but to add and expand the ways that you currently see the world.

So with that being said, here is my interview with The Yugas author Joseph Selbie.