Basecamp for Men E21: Telling Our Stories with Special Guest Debby Handrich

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E21: Telling Our Stories with Special Guest Debby Handrich

I love whenever I meet people who live an inspiring narrative. It’s one of the things that immediately attracts me to people. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman, or child, if your narrative is uplifting and you have a genuine love of people, I am immediately leaning in.

People are amazing, don’t let the mainstream media tell you otherwise. One of the gifts of this show, for me, has been to be in dialogue with people who are so inspiring to be around. I seek out people who are wise, funny, uplifting and, most of all, have a love and fascination with people and their lives.

I wanted to ask you dear listeners: is there a guest that you think would be great on the show? Someone (maybe even yourself) who fits the description. If you do, feel free to reach out to me on or contact me on Facebook and let me know. Getting good guests is a dynamic process and I appreciate your help in making the show all it can be. Thank you. And speaking of inspiring guests, today I have the privilege of speaking with Debby Handrich.

Join us for Episode #21 as Debby and I talk about the Heroine’s Journey, the creative process of writing, and how to get unstuck if you are working on a book. Debby is an exceptional coach and always provides interesting insights into life and the creative process.