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Why, when our society seems so advanced, is the state of our people’s health so low? Why are our children having so many problems, both psychologically and physically? Why are we made to believe that you need to spend so much money to simply get healthier and fitter, when the path of health and fitness is actually as easy and graceful as nature itself. The Balance in Fitness is your free, weekly personal trainer.

The Balance in Fitness is here to guide you to a self made path of health and awareness with weekly podcasts to expand your understanding of the landmines that have been tripping you up and making you unhealthy, weekly YouTube videos to guide your decision making for you and your families, and weekly Live YouTube sessions that give you the opportunity to truly get for free, what so many others are paying hundreds a week for. That is, truly experienced and holistic guidance from people who know what they are talking about.

Michael Anderson

About The Host

I'm a fitness professional who’s career started in Brisbane Australia. Very quickly after beginning in the gym industry I was swept into the trending world of personal training, I began my own company called “Insight personal training”. For over 10 years I have helped so many people reach their health and fitness goals, from health maintenance through pregnancy to recovery from minor injuries or surgery and everything in between. At age 32 I found chi gong (a cultivation way of the Buddha school) and my career changed to being lead by my heart rather than physique. With this change, and the change of view, I began the journey of self discovery which culminated in the creation of “The Balance in Fitness”.

My mission is to bring all people back to a view of life that allows them to see how our society has gone so wrong in health and fitness, and, through their own arising wisdom and awareness, build a path in their lives that brings truly resounding health. I hope that through weekly interaction with The Balance in Fitness, not only you, but all others in your life will be helped by the knowledge and awareness you gain.

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