Trump Brings Overdue Sunshine to American Farmland

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President Donald Trump became the first sitting President to address the American Farm Bureau in 25 years on Jan. 8. 2018. The speech could be viewed as a big “thank you” to rural America, which was crucial to the success of Trump’s presidential campaign.  In the speech, the president delivered long-overdue recognition of the American farm industry and support for the people behind it. “We know that our nation was founded by farmers. Our independence was won by farmers,” said the president. “And throughout our history, farmers have always, always, always led the way.”

President Trump: One-year Review | Interview with Victor Hanson

America Daily interviewed Victor D. Hanson, the Martin, and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, on Trump’s first year.  Hanson discussed Trump’s performances both at home and abroad, as well as the philosophies behind the policies, and the challenges that he faces.

MS-13 Threat Sustained by Immigration Loopholes

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“An estimated 10,000 MS-13 members are living in our country. They’re primarily composed of immigrants or descendants of immigrants from El Salvador,” John Cronan said. Illegal immigrants from El Salvador make up the second-highest recipients of DACA (25,900), after those from Mexico (548,000) MS-13 commits violent crimes such as machete attacks, execution-style murders, gang rape, and human trafficking,

California’s Boom and Bust: A Tale of Two Conflicting Values

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It might seem hard to reconcile two highlight facts about California’s economy. A state that boasts the world’s sixth-largest economy in terms of GDP and practices the most liberal, progressive agenda aimed at eliminating inequality is also the most poverty-stricken state in America.

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