As Trump Confronts Censorship, Big Tech Targets The New American

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As Trump Confronts Censorship, Big Tech Targets The New American

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As President Donald Trump cracks down on federal benefits to Big Tech giants over the silencing of conservatives and ChristiansThe New American magazine is one of many outlets that have come under relentless assault by Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, and other government-aided companies. In recent weeks, the censorship has become drastically worse.

From fraudulent “fact check” schemes aimed at discrediting and silencing accurate TNA reporting to rigged algorithms for shadow banning and even the outright deleting of content, Silicon Valley elites are working to silence independent voices such as TNA while propping up the establishment narrative and its mouthpieces.

However, despite the Deep State’s best efforts, it is not working. Indeed, even with the censorship, The New American magazine has hit new records for traffic in recent weeks, as the establishment narrative implodes in the public mind. Meanwhile, public trust in the “authoritative voices” (read: establishment toadies) has all but collapsed, polls show. Even before Trump was elected, just 14 percent of Republicans expressed trust in the media.

The fact remains: The reason the establishment is going all out to silence this publication and others is because the establishment’s propaganda organs can no longer compete with the truth. Even in the rigged marketplace of ideas, where Big Tech does everything possible to boost CNN and other Deep State propaganda mouthpieces while silencing alternative voices, the public is no longer buying it.

The censorship and efforts to silence The New American magazine online accelerated after the 2016 election. Google, for instance, which was started with help from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has practically disappeared this magazine from its search results. The company has made it virtually impossible for somebody to stumble upon it accidentally even on highly relevant searches — and in many cases even if a person is actively searching for something published at TNA.

According to TNA Editor-in-Chief Gary Benoit, traffic to The New American online from Google has collapsed. As this writer has confirmed on numerous occasions, even when attempting to find a specific TNA article using very specific terms or even the exact headline, the search engine makes it extremely difficult to find, if not impossible. Often it lists numerous links to other websites that have re-published TNA content or even establishment propaganda outlets before displaying TNA in the results. The situation has become so extreme that, on some days, the much smaller (but much better and less biased) search engine sends more traffic to TNA than Google.

YouTube, owned by the same parent company as Google, has done the same thing, forcing users to scroll through endless establishment propaganda while searching for videos from this writer for The New American. Even exact titles cannot locate many videos, instead pulling up irrelevant CNN propaganda. And the company has deleted a growing number of TNA videos outright, including interviews with top experts such as Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, who has four degrees from MIT, on topics in his field of expertise.

Of course, TNA is hardly alone. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki drew wordwide ridicule after telling CNN that the video company would be removing any content that goes against United Nations World Health Organization recommendations, even as the disgraced WHO has been exposed as a corrupt puppet of the murderous regime in Beijing. Trump just terminated U.S. ties with the global outfit.

Facebook, which recently created a sort of “Supreme Court” of mostly foreigners and multiple George Soros lackeys to decide what speech would be allowed, has also taken aim at The New American. A few case studies of Big Tech targeting of The New American and FreedomProject Media illustrate well what has been happening with increasing frequency. Basically, phony “fact checks” are used to bury anything that contradicts the party line.

Just last week, Facebook slapped a “false” rating from “PolitiFact” on TNA article by this writer about an impassioned speech denouncing Bill Gates on the floor of Italy’s Parliament. Ironically, the article specifically debunked the very claim that PolitiFact had “fact checked.” That means either nobody read the article prior to slapping the inaccurate “false” rating on it, or somebody maliciously and dishonestly put the rating there knowing it was wrong.

The original TNA article pointed out that phony “fact check” website Snopes had seized on one inaccurate headline claiming the Italian government, rather than a lawmaker, had issued the call for Gates’ arrest, in an effort to silence reports about the explosive speech. And yet the TNA article was marked as “false” and labeled with a PolitiFact link debunking the same claim TNA had debunked.

When PolitiFact and Facebook were contacted, PolitiFact Executive Director Aaron Sharockman promptly responded by acknowledging that “I think you’re right.” But instead of apologizing profusely for libeling a magazine and journalist by falsely accusing them of spreading misinformation, Sharockman apparently decided to retaliate. He then falsely claimed the story was “Partly False” and would be marked as such. “If you wish to appeal the rating, you should file that at [email protected],” he said in an e-mail.

The “Partly False” rating included a link to a ludicrous PolitiFact screed by Daniel Funke purporting to debunk a claim made by somebody on Facebook that a Gates-funded vaccine program in India had paralyzed almost 500,000 children. The New American article did not claim that in the first place, it merely reported that Italian MP Sara Cunial and vaccine activist Robert Kennedy had said that — something that PolitiFact itself acknowledged. Here is the response TNA sent in the appeal:

“This is not applicable to our story for several reasons:

1) The New American magazine is not “anti-vaxxers.” This is an objectively false smear that should be corrected immediately. The PolitiFact link deals with a Facebook post that has nothing to do with our article.

2) There is no allegation of anyone being involved in a conspiracy. In fact, it appears that PolitiFact’s writers are not familiar with the definition of the term. Simply looking up the definition of conspiracy in any dictionary will reveal that the word makes no sense in this context, rendering PolitiFact’s fact-check false.

3) We did not claim that Gates’ vaccines paralyzed 496,000 children, only that MP Cunial had said that on the floor of Parliament, which can be verified in the video of her speech that is included in the article, and that Robert Kennedy had reported it online, which PolitFact itself admits in the link above. Reporting on a newsworthy individual’s statement by a news organization is not the same as making the claim, which any journalist or editor knows. We also reported on the fact that “The New American magazine has reported on those incidents, including a Gates-funded United Nations “tetanus vaccination” campaign in Kenya that was exposed by the Catholic Church as a covert sterilization program.” This statement, too, can be easily verified by clicking on the link and confirming that The New American has reported on the claims of Kenya’s Catholic Bishops and the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association. Any of these facts can be easily verified by anyone with a computer and an Internet connection.

4) PolitiFact falsely claims: “There is no evidence that 496,000 children were paralyzed due to a polio vaccine.” In fact, even a brief amount of research would have revealed this peer-reviewed study appearing in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics stating that: “there has been a huge increase in non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). In 2011, there were an extra 47,500 new cases of NPAFP. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received.” Not only is this not “no evidence,” it is very compelling evidence, unless PolitiFact believes that an investigation by a prestigious Indian medical journal does not constitute evidence.

5) The link PolitiFact provided purporting to provide data from WHO on the number of vaccine-induced polio provides no such thing. Here it is:

PolitFact sent an automated response promising to reply within 48 hours. There was never any reply.

A similar example occurred with another Facebook “fact check” service known as “Lead Stories.” Without having even watched the video, the social-media giant slapped a “False” rating on an interview this writer did with Dr. Shiva purporting to debunk things that first of all were true, and that second of all, Shiva had not even mentioned in the interview with The New American. Only after Facebook and the fact checkers were contacted and threatened with exposure did the phony “false” rating get removed.

Another example of Facebook and PolitiFact using blatantly phony “fact checks” to suppress accurate reporting came last year. This writer wrote an article and later created a video with Dr. Duke Pesta exposing a book recommended under California’s new “Health Education Framework.” The book, which peddled the outrageous notion of “infinite genders” to kindergarten children, gave 15 different “gender” examples.

Every word of the reporting and the video were accurate. In fact, PolitiFact never disputed the accuracy. Instead, the central element of its fake “fact check” was that it had reached out to California education officials, and that they had decided to remove the book in question. Of course, the officials decided to remove the book AFTER our video received 5 million views and caused a national scandal. And yet, because officials had backed down, PolitiFact falsely labeled the accurate reporting as false.

Imagine rating a 2014 story about Obama’s presidency “false” because Obama is no longer president today, and you get a picture for what the dishonest “fact checking” scheme is about. However, only content that contradicts establishment propaganda is subjected to such attacks, it seems.

These represent just a handful of the examples. Prominent journalist Ben Swann has had the same problems with Facebook and PolitiFact, as he documents in a recent video debunking their lies here.

Of course, Twitter has also gotten in on the phony “fact-check” game as a means of censoring and silencing viewpoints its bosses disagree with. The issue boiled over when the admittedly leftist social-media giant posted a disclaimer on President Trump’s tweets urging users to “get the facts” by going to a page of propaganda purporting to discredit his concerns about voter fraud aggregated by Twitter employees.

To understand the unhinged views, consider that Twitter’s chief fact checker, head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth, is a self-proclaimed Hillary Clinton donor who referred to Trump administration officials as “actual Nazis in the White House.” Roth also compared Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway to National Socialist (Nazi) Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. And the president himself was described by Roth as a “wretched orange man,” a common insult hurled by anti-Trump leftists. Roth also expressed his disgust and contempt for middle America, writing after the election on Twitter that, “I’m just saying, we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason.”

Beyond The New American, many other voices have also been silenced. According to Palmer Luckey, founder of the tech company Oculus, YouTube was even automatically censoring anti-communist comments written in Chinese. The company blamed a supposed “error” for the issue. Trump lashed out at Google’s parent company for its troubling links to the mass-murdering regime in Beijing in his “Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship.” So far, no word on whether the abuses will end.

It is not even just conservatives and Christians who have been victims of Big Tech suppression. In fact, even some left-wing voices have been silenced — especially those that question or expose the official narrative on illegal wars, illegal surveillance, and other crimes by the establishment or the government. Fortunately, much of the public has realized that the Deep State-controlled technology companies are trying to manipulate America. And new alternatives are growing quickly.

Despite the best efforts of the Deep State-controlled technology giants, The New American continues to hit new records in traffic. Just last month, the magazine attracted over a million unique visitors, making it one of the top conservative-leaning independent media outlets in America. Readers interested in ensuring continued access to TNA despite the escalating censorship are encouraged to subscribe to the print magazine or at least sign up to receive TNA’s top headlines each day or weekly.

Facebook and PolitiFact did not respond to a request for comment.


Alex Newman is a correspondent for The New American. He can be reached at [email protected] or through Liberty Sentinel Media. Follow him on Twitter @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

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