Antifa Protests in NY Subways; Demands Free Transit and No Police Presence

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Antifa Protests in NY Subways; Demands Free Transit and No Police Presence

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Police in New York City are warning citizens to be watchful on the city’s subways today as the far-left extremist group Antifa is promising widespread, and possibly violent, protest actions against fares and police presence on the transit system.

Criminal actions by the protesters have already started with reports of vandalism, fare jumping, and general disruption throughout the country’s largest subway system. Five hundred additional officers have been assigned to the subways today in an attempt to keep order.

Among the actions already committed today:

• A large black banner with the words “F*** your $2.75. Fare strike today” was hung at the World Trade Center station.

• Emergency exits have been chained or glued open so that fare jumpers can breeze past without paying.

• Stations throughout the city have been marred with vulgar anti-police and anti-transit authority slogans.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), which manages the subway believes that today’s events are both dangerous and costly. “This is going to incur significant expense, as well as inconvenience, and some of the tactics that have been discussed threatened to put both riders and employees at risk for their safety,” said MTA spokesman Tim Minton in a statement. “The MTA is focused on maintaining service while ensuring safety, as we know are the NYPD and the MTA police departments.”

MTA Police Chief Pat Warren commented, “While we respect the right to peaceful demonstration, we have zero tolerance for any events that put the public’s safety at risk.”

Yesterday, the Police Benevolent Association of New York tweeted a warning to anyone who might ride the subway today. “New Yorkers should pay close attention: this is true endgame of the anti-police movement, an end of all policing and destruction of public order. Our members have spent their careers — and in some cases have given their lives — to bring public safety back to NYC. We can’t go backwards.”

Along with the tweet is video of three foul-mouthed, masked thugs encouraging like-minded individuals to join up with them. “F*** the police 3 is coming J31 (Jan. 31), right here in New York City. We encourage you to link up with your friends, your family and think of the ways you can move in affinity to build, and f*** s*** up on J31 all day long.”

Another video was first shared by an Antifa backed Decolonize This Place days earlier. The video along with the message, “The streets are ours. The trains are ours. The walls are ours. This moment is ours.”

Another masked individual explained the purpose of the protest thusly, “The mood for J31 is simple. F*** your $2.75, no cops in the MTA, free transit, no harassment — period and full accessibility.”

Today’s protests are reminiscent of incidentslast November when New York protesters took to the streets in Brooklyn to complain about fare increases and police “brutality.” New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex took the protesters’ side in that incident. “Arresting people who can’t afford a $2.75 fare makes no one safer and destabilizes our community,” AOC said.

Tacit consent of these crimes by politicians such as AOC gives cover to the criminals who commit them. So, the residents of New York can thank, in part, the congresswoman from the 14th District for today’s disruption of service.

This well-orchestrated tantrum by Antifa and its associates shows exactly who they are: spoiled children, unable to cope with the real world. Along with jail time, perhaps spankings are also in order.

James Murphy is a freelance journalist who writes on a variety of subjects, with a primary focus on the ongoing anthropogenic climate-change hoax and cultural issues. He can be reached at [email protected].

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