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America’s Student Loan Problem

America Uncovered with Chris Chappell

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Student loan debt in America is at an all-time high. Forty-four million people owe almost $1.5 trillion to the federal government. That amount has increased by more than 350 percent since 2003. Now the student loan crisis is a hot topic for political candidates going into the 2020 presidential election.

Student Loan Debt and the 2020 Election

President Trump is already trying to reform education by capping the amount students can borrow, simplifying repayment options, and adding an option to forgive some unpaid loans after 15 years.

Most of the Democrats also want to fix the student loan problem. Corey Booker wants to forgive student loan debts for public school teachers; Elizabeth Warren wants to cut the student loan burden; Kamala Harris wants to protect students from “deceptive for-profit colleges”; Kirsten Gillibrand wants to refinance federal student loan debts at low interest rates; Andrew Yang wants to reduce student loan payments and change bankruptcy laws; and Bernie Sanders wants to make college free.

Press play to listen. What do you think of the 2020 candidates’ ideas for fixing the student debt crisis? Please comment below.

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