All Spygate Roads Lead to Brennan: Brad Johnson Part 5

Today retired CIA Senior Operations Officer Brad Johnson links John Brennan to Italian intelligence, Russia, Hillary Clinton and more.

Today’s Guest:

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Brad Johnson is a retired Senior Operations Officer and Chief of Station with the CIA and founder at Americans for Intelligence Reform. He is an expert in counterintelligence with 25 years of service.


Did Democrats Target Republicans Even Before Trump?

Brad Johnson: There’s a couple of questions that need to be answered. One of the things that’s really glaring that rarely gets talked about is the origin of this whole thing, this Spygate, the case that the Democrats tried to create against Trump. Now it’s a very interesting aspect because a lot of these things occur before we knew who was even going to be the candidate of the Republican Party for the last election, that Trump then won and ended up becoming president. So a lot of these things were set in motion before. So how does that come to be? That means that those things weren’t targeting Trump specifically. They were maybe being kind of set up to target whoever the Republican candidate was, but not Trump specifically.

Is Wikileaks the Real Origin of Spygate?

Brad Johnson: Big names like Rush Limbaugh and others have talked about how Wikileaks appears to be the origin of this whole Spygate problem, and it actually makes tremendous sense. I think that analysis is correct because, if you look at it, Hillary Clinton had a real problem once the Wikileaks emails were out there because those were of classified documents…. As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton had access to basically everything, everything within the CIA, everything at the FBI, not on specific legal cases out there, but from an intelligence perspective. So she’s the lead of the senior cabinet position, so would have had access to all of those things, including specifics on CIA cases and intelligence operations, the origin of where information came from that they were using.

That’s the type of information that would’ve been probably included in those Wikileaks things that are there. And a lot of that would have been very dangerous for Hillary Clinton. And if you look at some of the other facts, the whole Chinese CIA operations that were being run in China against China for the CIA, those guys were all wrapped up and shot…Now we know from Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert that the people that actually hacked that server were the Chinese, not the Russians. They would have known that going into this too. — Brad Johnson

Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaks Solution: John Brennan

Brad Johnson: So why pick the Russians? Well, because it wasn’t the Chinese, those Chinese got shot. That’s one of those things that actually fits all the facts. So if that is indeed the case, which it really appears to be, there’s very strong evidence that it was the case. Hillary Clinton had a problem. And so she had to look around and find a solution. And because of the international nature of this, because of the intelligence involved with all of this, there was only one natural person for her to turn to: now that was John Brennan.

John Brennan -- America Daily
President Barack Obama meets with John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, in the Oval Office, Jan. 4, 2010.
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John Brennan: a Democratic Party Bureaucrat in the CIA

Brad Johnson: John Brennan was then the director of the CIA, and he had come up in the system as essentially an apparatchik. Now he did join the agency as an analyst in the Directorate of Analysis, but then he was moved to the Hill and started doing political things fairly on, didn’t really succeed at the CIA. So basically got farmed out to the Hill from there. Then he retired and ended up coming back … that was where John Brennan really came from.

And that was at essence what he was, was a Democratic Party “apparatchik,” using the Russian term for bureaucrat. And that was just how he thought. Those were the people he knew. That’s how he ran things. So Hillary Clinton would have turned logically to John Brennan to fix all of this. So as we start going through Spygate and as the elements start popping up, there’s always a common theme to them. That common theme is John Brennan. — Brad Johnson

Who Pushed the Steele Dossier?

Brad Johnson: Now we know that there’s an email that exists that we have not seen where John Brennan is saying, no, no, no, no. You have to include the Steele document because that’s the crown document in this whole thing that makes everything else make sense. So translating if you will, that is the analyst’s way of saying that, if you remove that document, everything else falls apart…. Everybody knew it was a paid for political document. John Brennan knew all of that stuff, yet describes it as the crown document. Well, that means that he understood how this whole thing was put together and what the plan was.

Now, of course, all of this was predicated on Hillary Clinton winning, which everybody thought until 9:00 PM the night of the election. Hillary Clinton was going to win. She ended up getting beat and beat solidly. And so I think everyone was stung, including John Brennan. — Brad Johnson

Why All the Rage?

Brad Johnson: In human operations, my background, you look at how people behave and what they do. And that’s where you saw John Brennan, for example, who’s an absolute political hack on his Twitter feed. For example, his Twitter page, he says “nonpartisan.” I don’t think there’s anybody in Washington who’s more partisan than he is, but that’s how he tries to play himself. And so he goes on MSNBC and NPR and that’s where you see him get out there and just go nuts. I mean his eyes bulge, and his veins bulge, and his face turns red, and he’s filled with hate and rage at Donald Trump. Well, what’s Donald Trump ever done to him?

You know, why would there be all that rage and all that hate? And what makes sense in all of that is that he’s trying to cover his own rear end. He knows if this goes bad that he’s at the center of it. That would be a reasonable explanation of why he would have all this rage. Nothing else fits. — Brad Johnson

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