After Stopping Anti-lockdown Protests, Dem Gov Says “Can’t Imagine” Stopping “Racism” Protests – video

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After Stopping Anti-lockdown Protests, Dem Gov Says “Can’t Imagine” Stopping “Racism” Protests

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“I feel like we are living in a George Orwell novel.” That was one reaction to New Jersey governor Phil Murphy’s recent statement that he “can’t imagine” telling George Floyd anti-“systemic racism” protesters to stay home.

This is the same politician who not only imagined telling anti-lockdown protesters to stay home, but did so, unabashedly.

Moreover, his state actually arrested a woman for trying to organize an anti-lockdown protest.

Murphy (shown) is also the man who’s still keeping “nonessential” businesses closed and who just “allowed” (June 9) churches to reopen — with strict attendance guidelines.

So making a living to feed and clothe your family is nonessential.

Gathering to worship the Creator of the Universe is nonessential enough to be subject to limits.

Protesting against government prohibition of commerce and worship, an exercise of First Amendment rights, is nonessential.

But having thousands of people gather — based on a lie and in violation of social distancing rules — is essential. Know the score now?

It’s Power, 10; Sanity, 0.

Politico reports on the Murphy morph:

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has spent three months warning residents to avoid large gatherings at all cost.

No more.

…“I can’t imagine what it would look like if we said to people, ‘Actually, you have to stay in. You have to ignore systemic racism — I’m sorry, just ignore it. Stay in,’” the governor said during his daily coronavirus briefing, a day after attending large protests in Hillside and Westfield. “I can’t imagine what that looks like as it relates to public safety.”

More likely is that Murphy can’t imagine what it would look like politically given our Iron Muzzle cancel culture and collective obeisance to terrorist group Black Lives Matter. After all, if a sports announcer just lost his job for tweeting “All Lives Matter…Every Single One!” just ponder what could befall an uncharismatic, incompetent governor who refused to bend a knee before the mob. Take your place in the revolution’s phalanx, comrade.

Of course, if there really is “systemic racism” in New Jersey, we should ask: What has the state’s head, Philip Dunton Murphy, done about it? Where does the buck stop?

What there actually is in the Garden State, and nationwide, is systemic hypocrisy — at least among the power pseudo-elite.

Consider that while “Murphy’s March 21 shutdown order carried the toll of record unemployment and fiscal disaster,” writes Politico, “anything less would have killed tens of thousands more and created an even grislier economic reality, he has said.”

Moreover, “Dozens of businesses have been cited for failing to adhere to Murphy’s directive and the leaders of at least two anti-lockdown demonstrations in April were charged with violating the stay-at-home order,” the site continued.

Below is a video of Murphy rejecting anti-lockdown demonstrators’ legitimacy and telling them they should protest “at home” (huh?).

Now the governor is a happy protester.

Murphy isn’t alone in his hypocrisy, though, but actually reflects the left-wing norm. Consider that while New York City is still largely under lockdown, with even churches closed, massive protests were praised by politicians and rioting and looting were tolerated.

Yet Governor Andrew Cuomo has not only dismissed, but also demeaned, anti-lockdown protesters. You’re “now responsible for my life,” the man who signed a bill allowing prenatal infanticide up till birth arrogantly and indignantly said in late April. “It’s not just about you. Get your head around the ‘we’ concept.”

Cuomo also said that if you want to make a living, become an “essential worker” (video below).

Now the governor says he stands “with the protesters.” He did not comment on whether at issue was essential rioting and looting.

So, clearly here, some protesters are more equal than others. One essential difference is that these leftist politicians don’t like anti-lockdown protesters, who threaten their power; but do like “anti-racism” protesters, or at least appreciate that they’re “useful” in advancing their agenda.

Yet it goes even deeper. I’ve long pointed out that moderns — and leftists, in particular — don’t believe in Truth (absolute and universal by definition) and hence are relativists. With such people, however, everything is ultimately judged relative to themselves as they become their own “truth.” They don’t have principles, but preferences.

Of course, doing what feels right or a “works for them” at the moment means they’ll change positions like clothes. This doesn’t mean they won’t outright lie; they will because that often works for them. But it also means that kowtowing to their ever-changing desires becomes so habitual for them that they’ll do it unthinkingly. So it’s not just that, as is said, “A liar can’t keep track of his lies.” It’s also, with rationalizers, that a self-deceiver can’t keep track of his self-deception.

But deluded or deceitful or both, it amounts to the same thing: bad, schizophrenic government under which rights are afforded based on prejudice.


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