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About our Company

America Daily Inc. is a network of Podcasts & Radio shows meant to uplift and inspire. We report the news, history, American culture & lifestyle shows.

Our Mission at America Daily

Through trials, triumphs, mistakes, and accomplishments the American way was born on the soil we call home.

Pioneered with grit, we became self-reliant and formed a Union in God, Family, and Country which gives us the freedom that we cherish today.

We believe that these tried and true values which paved our way throughout history can lead us through this next phase of continued liberty. We must keep this out in the open and together understood. We will continue to uphold and honor the traditions that made America great.

That is our purpose, and our promise to you, to keep the American spirit and story alive through our network of Podcasts & Radio shows meant to uplift and inspire.

Mark Jackson


I was born in Chicago, grew up in Massachusetts and New York, attended a Waldorf school, studied philosophy at Williams College, and became a professional actor for 25 years, working in Manhattan, in theater, and on television, in soap operas, where I played every form of law enforcement officer there it. I’m now the senior film critic for the Epoch Times. I was accepted to the Rotten Tomatoes film review website a few years ago. I’m excited to be working for America Daily as well, because of its fantastic focus on the true spirit of America

Arleen Richards

Producer/ Reporter

I began working for an all-talk radio station in Philadelphia, where I produced radio shows hosted by some of the most famous talk radio hosts in the U.S. I later moved to New Jersey to study law, then went to New York to learn journalism. In 2018 I combined my radio, legal, and journalism backgrounds and joined America Daily as a producer/reporter. I now enjoy creating, producing, and reporting in-depth stories. Welcome to the Show!

Patricia Smiles

Reporter / Script Writer

Hi, I’m Pat, I am a retired Teacher of over 20 years. I taught English in foreign countries like Japan, Mexico, and Russia. I joined America Daily since I love to tell stories about what is happening in the news and around the world.

Laura Market

Host of Take Me Home

I am a Recreation Therapist in which I have used this skill in many many ways. I worked in a nursing home facility for several years, in addition, I currently teach meditation classes locally, and organize activities in my children’s school.
My main goal for creating Take Me Home is to help children and families, including my own to build up our character and be all that we can!

Matt Qualls

Host & Sound Editor for Take Me Home Show

I am the Co Host with Laura for the Take Me Home podcast. I am from Southern Indiana. I love music and am in a band.
I orginially went to ITSU in Tennesse and then came home to Indiana to finish up my Bachelor’s degree in Radio and TV production. I came to work for America Daily since I wanted to work on Podcast with Laura to talk about American Family values and culture.

Jess Beatty

Script Writer/ Sound Editor

Prior to working at America Daily, I worked as a video editor, scriptwriter, and proofreader. I graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007 with a B.A. in media production and East Asian studies.
I love working for America Daily because the company strives to uphold traditional journalistic values and respects America’s founding principles.

Tabitha Smiles

Operation Manager

I have a background in Project Management with Iron Mountain for many years and also worked in a large media company in Manhattan for the past 3 years managing operations there. The reason I came to America Daily is that I love the tradition of telling stories and communicating through sound. We truly live in an exciting time in one of the best countries in the world and working at AD allows me to express this through Radio and podcast

Michael Anderson

Team Coordinator | Host of The Balance in Fitness

Hi, I am a long time member of America Daily and also Host the “The Balance in Fitness”. I live in Australia and am thrilled to be helping America Daily develope its shows. My background is in Radio and audio media work for the past 15+ years.

Frank Lee

General Manager

I originally have a background in IT and programming. I helped to create America Daily since I wanted to see more Truthful news being made about America.

Tahu Parkinson

Chief Sound Engineer

Hi, I run my own media company out of New Zealand and was able to come onboard to America Daily to run the sound production for the show. Very excited to see this news program take off. Enjoy the show!

Chris Rodd

Part Time - Sound Editor

Hello, I am your friendly neighbor from Canada and I work as a Sound editor for America Daily shows! I really liked the values that America Daily offers to its audience and was very happy to lend my support to this team. Please enjoy the show!

Cardinale Montano

Host of Notes from the Masai Garden - A Berkshire Journal

Hi, I am a freelance writer, living in West Stockbridge, Massachusetts. After some travels, I made the Berkshires my home in the late ’80s, where I raised my two tall sons. My childhood and Waldorf education were rich in art, music, handcraft, and cooking. All this inspired me to become an ardent creator whose craft tools are looms, vintage sewing machines, found objects, hammer, and nails, and trips to the dump. Other tools include wood-burning stoves, garden tools, cookbooks, and canning jars. I’m also the is founder and designer at