Abortionists Not Only Okayed, They’re Funded

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Abortionists Not Only Okayed, They’re Funded

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During the COVID-19 scourge, Planned Parethood, a regular recipient of taxpayer funding, also applied for additional federal dollars through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Funds from this program launched during the COVID-19 pandemic were supposed to be granted only to small busineses having fewer than 500 employees. Planned Parenthood’s employee level exceeds that number, so it cleverly arranged for affilates to receive some funding. Through its affiliates, Planned Parenthood took in $80 million, and some of its employees may have relied on fraud when applying for the funds.

As soon as President Trump heard about the clear violation of the measure’s rules, he demanded that the abortion-performing organization’s branches receiving the funds, 37 in number, return what they received to the Treasury Department. Possible prosecution for lying on the application for the funds has been mentioned.

With little to stand on because fraud was clearly involved, Democratic congressional leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer cried foul and claimed that Planned Parenthood is being unjustly harassed by an administration ”attacking health care providers.” And Jacqueline Ayers, Planned Parenthood’s vice president of government relations and public policy, issued a statement claiming that the nation’s largest abortion provider had done nothing wrong. Schumer even suggested that the action being considered against Planned Parenthood is consistent with “the administration’s longstandig campaign against reproductive health generally and Planned Parenthood specifically.”

As is their custom, pro-abortionists always seek to cloud what they do by never using the word abortion. Instead, they proceed – using monetary aid supplied by the federal government – with their grisly business and want all Americans to believe that they don’t abort babes in wombs, they engage in what they term “reproductive health.” But characterizing abortion as a form of health is a horrendous mischaracterization of a gruesome practice.

While fraudulent receipt of taxpayer funds has received some welcome attention, lawyers are working hard to have the “reproductive health” dispensers excused from what surely looks like a clear case of fraud. Simultaneously, some peaceful anti-abortion protesters have been arrested for peacefully protesting abortion at a local PPP office. It’s a bit of irony to note that many of the rampaging looters and destroyers of small business properties remain free.

More Americans have come to realize what abortion truly is. What some are doing and saying should be national news. But the liars and distortionists who have a near total monopoly in the business of informing the public have an agenda that doesn’t include dispensing important truths and providing honest news, and not regarding abortion. Happily, breaking through the obfuscators seems to be catching on.

For instance, Lifenews.com reports that Angela Stanton-KIng is mounting an election challenge to veteran Democrat Congressman John Lewis (D-Ga.). A former Democrat herself and the niece of the late Martin Luther King, Stanton-KIng is an outspoken opponent of abortion who wonders why black Americans keep electing Democrats who almost exclusively support the taking of life in the womb.

Her unique life story includes becoming pregnant at age 15, finding her own father urging an abortion, and refusing his so-called solution. The daughter she saved from a premature death went on to become a Harvard Law graduate and a practicing attorney. In her early years, Ms. Stanton-KIng found herself involved with a group of car thieves and eventually spent time in prison. While behind bars, she refused abortion again and gave birth to a second daughter who was taken away from her 24 hours after being born. Her experiences with a variety of pro-abortionists ended up converting her into an ardent anti-abortionist. After examiing her past, President Trump granted her a full pardon last February.

Now as a congrerssional candidate, Stanton-King points to black Americans being Planned Parenthood’s best customers. Percentage-wise, more black babes in the womb are terminated at their abortion mills than any other segment of America’s population. The clear leader in the abortion racket has long been Planned Parenthood, which snuffed out the lives of 345,000 abortion victims in 2020 alone. These “reproductive health” purveyors, not satisfied with the lucre they obtain via abortion, are now being investigated for marketing the body parts of infants whose lives they have just terminated. And this abominable sidelight also proceeds under the label of “reproductive health.”

A likely issue for Stanton-King would be federal funding of Planned Parenthood and then, the practice of abortion itself. Like practically all of his fellow Democrats, Lewis supports abortion. There certainly are other issues that divide the congressman and his challenger.  But abortion seems likely to be the loudest.


John F. McManus is president emeritus of The John Birch Society.

Courtesy of The New American