A Historic Ranch Transforms into a Public Park: A Win for Conservation in Travis County

Luca O'Connor May 20, 2024
Erich Schlegal for RGK Ranch

The RGK Ranch: A Legacy of Stewardship

In a rare victory for conservation, a historic family ranch in Travis County, Texas, has been converted into a public park. Just 30 minutes from Austin's bustling tech sector, music venues, and barbeque spots, this transformation represents a significant step toward preserving the natural beauty and ecological health of the area.

The 1,507-acre RGK Ranch, owned by the Kozmetsky family for three generations, was sold to Travis County for $90 million—$40 million less than what developers had offered. The late George Kozmetsky, who amassed his fortune through Teledyne, invested heavily in Austin and Travis County, and his family chose to honor his legacy by preserving the land.

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