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A Couple In California Warned of Nuclear Attack By NEST Security Camera

January 25, 2019 By Pat Smiles

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A Couple In California Warned of Nuclear Attack By NEST Security Camera

On Sunday the Lyons family in Orinda, Ca. were startled by a loud voice blaring from their living room. “There are ballistic missiles headed to three American cities and President Trump has been moved to a secure facility.” Upon hearing this they grabbed and comforted their son and immediately tried to find some media confirmation.

The loud voice went on to warn that the U.S. has retaliated against Pyongyang and that the people in the affected areas had only three hours to evacuate.

The couple later told Mercury News, “ It sounded completely legit and it was loud and it got our attention right off the bat. It was five minutes of sheer terror and another 30 minutes trying to figure what was going on.”

After looking everywhere to locate where the voice was coming from, they realized it was emanating from their NEST security camera that sat on top of their television.

When they called NEST a manager informed them that they probably were victims of a “ third party hack.” This was probably due to a compromised password. Mrs, Lyons told the newspaper she didn’t even know the security camera even had speakers and a microphone! They then disabled them immediately.

This type of incident has recently been on the rise. Back in December, a Houston family told The Washington Post that they heard a stranger’s voice saying “sexual expletives” and it was coming through a baby monitor in their infant’s bedroom. Scared and terrified out of their wits they went to the baby’s room and switched on the light and found that the voice they heard was coming from their NEST security camera.

There have been instances of huge security breaches in places like the FBI where literally millions of social security numbers and other highly sensitive information was found to be left “unprotected”.

This type of thing may not be so isolated in the future. According to Vice, “ If you use the same password to log into multiple accounts a hacker can easily gain access to them.” At least be careful and disable the speaker and mic from NEST security cameras!


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