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8 Symptoms People Are Experiencing Across The Globe

January 28, 2019 By Pat Smiles

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8 Symptoms People Are Experiencing Across The Globe

According to an article by David Cohen for NewsFeed, people are being exposed globally to things that are affecting us all. Our bodies are being exposed to toxins, electromagnetic waves and who knows what we breathe in every day.

 Research now has shown that some of this could be explained by the use of smartphones, cell towers and smart meters etc.


Below are 8 symptoms that are listed in this article.

These are being experienced all over the world by people and there are no real answers as the symptoms are experienced across all types of geography, age, & gender. 

1) Intense cravings for sugar

The article says, “serious cravings for sugar or chocolate are almost certainly because of the fungal growth of Candida in our bodies, or some kind of parasitic activity.”

These parasites thrive off of sugar and so with our widespread consumption of sugar, this does seem to make sense.

The article suggests Oregano oil as a way to naturally kill these parasites and says the craving for sweets will diminish almost immediately.


2) Loss of appetite

There are many reasons that people may experience appetite loss. One of them being that by eating so much processed food that has little nutrition but has very strong flavors this could make one, not like the bland more nutritional foods.

The body needs vitamins and minerals which our modern quick packaged foods greatly lacks.




3) Insomnia coupled with headaches, pressure, and pain in head



People have been reporting that they are experiencing insomnia and unusual headaches at the same time.

Some who have experienced this have also noticed that when they sleep away from a Smart Meter their symptoms would disappear.

There was a recent mini-documentary about Smart Meters causing symptoms like these in people and they were common.




4) Strange sounds, metallic or mechanical noise


With so many people living in cities, of course, there can be all sorts of strange mechanical or electric noises.

Some people though, experience hearing strange sounds outdoors. As pointed out by the article there have been entire websites that are dedicated to observing these strange noises.




5) Heightened sensitivity


This is often caused by inflammation in the body. There are several things that also can cause heightened sensitivity. Poisons such as amalgam in dental fillings, immunizations that contain mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde to toxic food.

EMF radiation and the like are all reasons for people to experience heightened physical sensitivity.





6) An intensified sense of smell


The article explains that this one is a little difficult to explain. “If people have an intensified sense of smell, it might be considered a skill, and I can’t think of any specific toxin or thing that could cause it.”

An intensified sense of smell could cause headaches or other physical problems.







7) An intensified awareness of waves being produced by technology

People have reported that they can sense WiFi waves, cell phone radiation and things of this nature. Some people experience things like suddenly their hands itch or feel inflamed after typing directly on a laptop as opposed to a separate keyboard.

Most electronic devices emit varying levels of radiation.



8) Feeling out of focus

This symptom causes people to visually not be able to focus, with it even causing pain when they do focus their eyes on something. It is known and people should be aware that certain chemicals in our food can actually cause visual problems.

One of these being the chemical sweetener Aspartame. This is usually used to sweeten diet drinks and has actually been proven to cause vision to decline.

In this article, it points out that Aspartame was only approved by the FDA after a ton of opposition and it was finally pushed through by Donald Rumsfeld himself.



These are the results of modern technologies, poison in our food and chemicals in our very atmosphere. We should be aware of and protect ourselves and loved ones.

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