7 Characteristics to Ensure Good Fortune

7 Characteristics to Ensure Good Fortune

Thirty percent destiny, seventy percent hard-work” is the Chinese saying about the factors that determine a person’s fortune. Everyone was born with a different destiny. As for your fortune, it’s partially due to inborn factors, but it is mostly determined by self-cultivation.

What is self-cultivation? How do you go about doing it? Self-cultivation is primarily about improving the nature of your heart and mind. Your character and temperament greatly impact your destiny.

When your heart and mind nature improves, everything will fall into its place. Challenges may be inevitable, but they are not insurmountable.

People who possess the following seven qualities will be blessed with a good life and good fortune.

1. Admitting to one’s mistakes

Admitting to one’s mistakes can be very difficult. It is so much easier to point fingers at others instead of reflecting on your own mistakes. The inability to admit mistakes is a mistake itself. When people own up to their mistakes, they will not look weak. Instead, they will look stronger and they will earn the respect of others.

It is so much easier to point fingers at others instead of reflecting on your own mistakes. (Image: via pixabay /CC0 1.0)

2. Gentle personality

It is said that human teeth are hard, but the tongue is soft. In old age, you may lose all your teeth, but your tongue still remains. If you want to lead a long life, you need to be flexible. Being too stubborn will only cost you. When you are kind and gentle, life will be happier and longer.

3. Self-restraint

Most of the time, life does not turn out the way you would like. In many conflicts, when you can take a deep breath and step back, you will find yourself having more options than you think. Restraint de-escalates confrontations and allows you to see things clearly, think critically, and act rationally. When you exercise self-restraint, it gives you the ability to distinguish virtue from vice, good from evil, and right from wrong. Rash actions can only impede your sound judgment.

4. Good communication

A poor communicator can easily cause disputes and misunderstandings. A good communicator facilitates mutual understanding, empathy, and support. When there is less conflict, productivity improves and success increases.


A good communicator facilitates mutual understanding, empathy, and support. (Image: Screenshot / YouTube)

5. Being able to let go

Life is full of burdens. You may need to shoulder some of them, but you may also need to let some go. If you don’t let go when you should, the weight of those burdens will weigh you down like a rock. Humans are mortal and life is short. Only when you are able to let go, admit mistakes, respect others, and exercise self-restraint can you expand your horizons.

6. Gratitude

Always look at the strengths of others, be happy for others, and be grateful to them. Relationships are reciprocal. You reap what you sow.

7. Healthy lifestyle

“Health is wealth” is a saying that expresses a truth that is deeply meaningful to the elderly and those suffering from illness. Keeping yourself healthy will serve as a blessing to your friends and family. If you prioritize work over health, you could end up spending your life’s earnings on medical bills. Wouldn’t you then live a life in vain?

Translated by Miranda Tsai and edited by Angela

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