#44 China After Communism Falls | Yang Jianli

Pedestrians wear masks on a polluted day in Beijing on December 20, 2016.
Heavy smog suffocated northeast China for a fifth day on December 20, with hundreds of flights cancelled and road and rail transport grinding to a halt under the low visibility conditions. / AFP PHOTO / Greg BakerGREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images ** OUTS – ELSENT, FPG, CM – OUTS * NM, PH, VA if sourced by CT, LA or MoD **


Ever wonder what China will be like after the fall of the Chinese Communist Party? There are people already planning the next government of China. Today we speak with Tiananmen Square Survivor and former Chinese Communist Party official turned democracy activist Yang Jianli. He recently met with Vice President Mike Pence to discuss human rights in China. He also shares the role of Hong Kong protests and President Trump’s US China Trade War.


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