28 Principle Series with Paul Skousen: Introduction to the Series

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Today’s Top Stories:

  1. SOTU Address (0:21)
  2. US-China Trade Talks (2:21)
  3. US Targets ZTE  (2:55)
  4. FBI Super Bowl Sting (3:37)
  5. Ram Truck Recall  (4:12)

Today’s quote is from Mark Twain: (5:00)

“In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

The Story of the Day | 28 Principle Series with Paul Skousen: Introduction to the Series (5:48)

“W.Cleon Skousen began his research for his book The Five Thousand Year Leap in the 1930s while attending law school, combining archives in the Library of Congress for the original writings of such Founding Fathers like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and continued to work on the manuscript for the next 50 years, finally publishing it in 1981.”

Today we continue again with Paul Skousen about his father’s book the 5,000 Year Leap on how the Constitution was created and what principals our Founding Fathers used to create this document that became the foundation of America.

TO BUY  THE BOOK: https://nccs.net/products/the-5000-year-leap-a-miracle-that-changed-the-world-book

More on Paul Skousen: https://www.paulskousen.com/books/

THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO that generation of resolute Americans whom we call the Founding Fathers. They created the first free people to survive as a nation in modern times. They wrote a new kind of Constitution which is now the oldest in existence. They built a new kind of commonwealth designed as a model for the whole human race. They believed it was thoroughly possible to create a new kind of civilization, giving freedom, equality, and justice to all.

Their first design for a free-people nation was to encompass all of North America, accommodating, as John Adams said, two to three hundred million freemen. They created a new cultural climate that gave wings to the human spirit. They encouraged exploration to reveal the scientific secrets of the universe. They built a free- enterprise culture to encourage industry and prosperity. They gave humanity the needed ingredients for a gigantic 5,000-year leap!

– W. Cleon Skousen