1984 Fulfilled: Leftists Say 2+2 Can Equal 5. Why That’s a Threat to Freedom.

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1984 Fulfilled: Leftists Say 2+2 Can Equal 5. Why That’s a Threat to Freedom.

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Nineteen Eighty-Four was just a few decades early.

The Left’s war on objective reality, a key step in the Deep State’s intended elevation of the State to godhood, has risen to the next level as voices in the liberal camp begin rejecting universally accepted mathematical truths, including the elementary axiom that two plus two equals four.

In an insightful post at Zero Hedge, Andrea Wilburg explains how George Orwell used the concept that two plus two is four as illustrative of the battle of the individual and reality versus relativism and totalitarianism.

In the novel, protagonist Winston Smith internally rebels against the oppressive government by reminding himself that two plus two will always be four, no matter what the government says.

But the state tortures Smith to get him to concede that “Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once.” When his will is finally broken, Smith accepts that two plus two can equal five if the government says so.

A glean through left-wing Twitter posts, as conveniently compiled by the user Wokal Distance, shows a growing movement among the Left to dismiss objective reality, specifically attacking the concept of two plus two equals four — often on the grounds of combating “racism” and “white supremacy.”

Writes one “woke” user, as The New American reported on in early July:

“Nope the idea of 2+2 equaling 4 is cultural and because of western imperialism/colonization, we think of it as the only way of knowing.”

According to another, “Math is actually not universal. Treating it as such upholds white supremacy.”

Still one more user argued that “The amount of people losing their s**t over a mathematician saying ‘there are instances where 2+2=5’ is why you will never be able to convince transphobes to stop oppressing trans people.”

What such users claim is not that 2+2=4 is false, nor that 2+2 is always five. Rather, they make it a matter of context, perspective, point of view, culture, etc.

Nothing inherently means anything. It’s all relative.

In a world that has increasingly been purged of the notions of objective reality and objective morality, mathematics is often seen as one of the last bastions of objective truth. We may no longer agree that there is a God or that universal moral codes exist, but surely we can all agree that two plus two equals four, right?

Not anymore.

Marxism is tearing down the very foundations of reality, which are the foundations of society and civilization. It’s sowing the seeds of chaos, which is precisely what Marxists — and the global elites who use Marxism to advance their quest for total power — really want.

If there is no standard, objective, universal meaning to anything, then the only power that can bring some semblance of the shared understanding necessary to create a functioning society is government power.

If there is no supreme moral authority to which all — even government — must submit, then the only authority capable of establishing and enforcing a shared moral code by which humans can peacefully deal with one another is the authority of the State.

And since there is no longer a God or His ordained natural laws, the State is not bound by any higher code. It alone determines what is right and wrong, answering to no one. The government becomes God.

Thus, the seemingly innocuous argument that “two plus two can equal five” is part of a larger crusade to prepare the minds of the populace for submission to an all-powerful world government, or New World Order. The oligarchs cannot achieve their full goal of total control until the belief in relativism is sufficiently widespread. Unfortunately, they’re already very close to it.

Wilburg concludes:

If leftists are to convince Americans that socialism has succeeded, they must convince them to deny all those other things that Americans know are true and real. If boys aren’t boys, if race is the only thing that matters, and if America is evil, then socialists can also make us accept that socialism is a workable system that just “hasn’t been done right before.”

If the elites can dominate our minds with their deceptive wordplay and mental gymnastics, they will culminate the conquering of our once-free nation without firing a single shot.


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